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The Remarkable True Story of the Battersea Poltergeist



Published by The History Press, 2013, 320pp, illus.

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Ghosts and legends of London


Published by The History Press, 2007, 128pp, illus.

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Ghosts and legends of the London Borough of Wandsworth (covers Balham, Battersea, Putney, Tooting & Wandsworth)


Published by The History Press, 2006, 96pp, illus.

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Ghosts and legends of the London Borough of Lambeth (covers Brixton, Clapham, North Lambeth, Norwood, Stockwell & Streatham).



Published by The History Press, 2013, 96pp, illus.

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Ghosts, legends and curiosities of Mitcham in Surrey / south London



Published by Shadowtime Publishing, 2nd edition ( Kindle) 2011, illus.

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More ghosts, legends and curiosities of Mitcham in Surrey / south London

(Published online)

Mysterious Mitcham

Online sequel to 'Strange Mitcham'.

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James Clark, photography by Sam Armstrong:

Hello, thanks for stopping by. I'm a freelance writer and proofreader based in the darkest depths of south London, UK.

It can be a weird old place, this often overlooked hinterland of the world's greatest city*, and my published books include several collections of local ghost stories, folklore and history: links are to the right. I also write on other subjects.

To find out what I'm up to at the moment, see my News page.

*Other cities are, of course, available.

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Latest News

The Poltergeist Prince of London - London Fortean Society event Thursday 24 April 2014: 'THE POLTERGEIST PRINCE OF LONDON' - at Dirty Dicks!

Venue: The Vaults Basement Bar, Dirty Dicks, 202 Bishopsgate, City of London EC2M 4NR. (Nearest station is Liverpool Street.)

8pm (doors 7.30pm) Thursday 24 April 2014, 3 / 2 concessions.

Battersea, 1956: A poltergeist outbreak is fantastical enough, but a poltergeist that learns to communicate details of an apparent previous life? And a life that begins to sound like that of the Lost Dauphin of Revolutionary France? Studying the poltergeist's claims researcher Harold Chibbett was forced to wonder: could 'Donald' really be the spirit of the Louis-Charles, tragic son of Marie Antoinette?

Shirley Hitchings, the centre of these events and co-author of our book 'The Poltergeist Prince of London', discusses her experiences with Alan Murdie, Chairman of the Ghost Club and regular 'Fortean Times' contributor on ghosts.

Many thanks go to the London Fortean Society for organising what promises to be a superb event.

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